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Many women suffer from enlarged labia minora (the inner genital lips) which can cause physical and emotional discomfort. Some women may be dissatisfied with the appearance of their labia if it is larger or thicker than they desire. Enlarged labia minora can lead to discomfort during normal activities, such as walking, sitting, or wearing certain types of clothing as well as during sexual intercourse or sports. Women with enlarged labia minora may experience psychological distress, including embarrassment or anxiety which can influence intimate relationships and overall well-being.

Labiaplasty reduces large labia or reshapes uneven labia, improving their appearance and reducing associated discomfort. The results of labiaplasty can:

  • Improve the appearance of the vagina and vulva
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Reduce discomfort caused by clothes rubbing against the labia
  • Eliminate pain caused by large labia during sexual intercourse
  • Improve or restore sexual satisfaction that was hampered by large labia

Dr. Min uses an advanced technique pioneered by Dr. Gary Alter who is renowned for his work in aesthetic genital surgery. This technique removes a wedge from the most protuberant portion of the labia and preserves the labial edge, which results in natural looking labia with scars that are barely visible. Excess skin on the sides of the clitoral hood can also be reduced. In contrast, many surgeons merely trim the edge of the labia and oversew the raw edge, which changes the natural color and contour of the labia, giving an unnatural appearance.

Labia Surgery FAQs

How is labiaplasty performed?
Generally speaking, there are two different ways to perform labiaplasty surgery, the trim technique and the wedge technique. In the trim technique, the edge of the labia is excised and the incision is closed with sutures. While it is a quicker procedure, this technique may result in a loss of natural contour with a more visible scar and a scalloped appearance to the edge of the labia. The wedge technique involves removing a triangular-shaped wedge of tissue from the thickest part of the labia minora, preserving the natural contour and edge of the labia and the scars are well hidden. This technique is more complex than the trim technique but gives superior results.
Will labiaplasty affect sexual sensation?
Labiaplasty is generally focused on the external appearance of the labia and should not significantly impact sexual sensation. Some women may report increased comfort and satisfaction after the procedure.
What is the recovery like after labiaplasty?
Pain is usually mild and most women can return to work in less than one week. There is some swelling which will resolve with time. Sexual intercourse and use of tampons should be avoided for 6 weeks.
Will there be visible scarring after labiaplasty?
The wedge technique places the scars in discrete locations and once healed, the scars are usually barely visible.
Is labiaplasty suitable for women of all ages?
Labiaplasty surgery is generally suitable for adult women. Healing may be more delayed in post-menopausal women due to thinning of tissues with decline in estrogen levels.
What are the risks associated with labiaplasty?
Like any surgery, labiaplasty carries potential risks, including infection, bleeding, scarring, and changes in sensation. Wound healing complications can rarely occur.
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