Dr. Caroline Min - female board certified plastic surgeon - patient testimonials


You did a breast lift on me at about 2 years ago. I just wanted to let you know that when I went for my yearly mammography the technician said, and I quote "I see a lot of breasts and that is the best breast lift I have seen";....... Needless to say that made me very happy and I owe it to you!!! Thanks again.
KC - Breast Lift
It has now been 8 months since my surgery. I knew when I first met you that all would go well, but it went better than well for me. I am so very happy with my facelift. For years I have relied on Botox and all the other great products available --- but there comes a point when they can only do so much. I am a very happy and grateful patient of yours. Again – Thank you.
BW - Facelift
I have had so many compliments on my face and most people think I lost weight and look great. I tell them I had plastic surgery with the most incredible surgeon on the planet. My own internist still is amazed by your work and I joke and tell him it's all in her tailor's degree!! My face looks so young for an old lady! But the youthful part is also psychological as I feel so much better about myself! I don't hide in pictures anymore. And have been doing a lot more socially. You have given me so much happiness and I cannot believe how quickly I recovered. That was such a worry beforehand and I believe it was your expertise that led to such a fast and healthy recovery. All of my family and friends witnessed it.
MS - Facelift
Dr. Min performed a full facelift and upper and lower eyelid surgery as well as a brow lift on my face. This was the second time that I had this surgery (a previous one was done many years prior by a different Plastic Surgeon). Dr. Min's surgery produced a very natural and soft look. Her kind, gentle and understanding demeanor is incomparable. Dr. Min's concern for her patients and availability to help at all times are unmatched. Based on my comparison between the various plastic surgeries and plastic surgeons that I have had over the years, I feel that Dr. Min is a superb plastic surgeon and I would highly recommend her for any plastic surgery!
RL - FaceliftBlepharoplastybrowlift
There are times, as we inevitably age, that one knows improvement is possible. Knowing exactly what will actually work is difficult to assess; especially when one doesn't want to resemble a "wax-work". Dr Min's suggestions were reasonable, doable and she had the talent and expertise to carry them out. I am very pleased with my results. I am only sorry that she has changed coasts and is no longer available cross-town for future improvements!
PM - Endoscopic browlift
Dr. Caroline Min made me feel extremely comfortable throughout my surgical procedure. Our initial consultation went so well that I immediately knew she was the doctor I wanted to trust with my body. I'd previously consulted other doctors but Dr. Min treated me with such care and listened carefully to my fears and questions. Her positive attitude and amazing bedside manner is unlike any other doctor I've encountered in Los Angeles. She took care of me as if I were family. I am so grateful to her and her amazing staff. She has granted me the greatest gift and yet she is so humble about her precision as a surgeon and healthcare giver. She rocks!!! Thanks for making me feel beautiful!
ER - Breast reduction
It took me about two and a half years to lose over 100 lbs. Diet and exercise works well. But all the exercise in the world was not going to make the skin hanging from my arms disappear. Brachioplasty, however, would. I also needed liposuction on my upper back. Surgery was not a rash, nor easy decision. Albeit elective, this was, nonetheless, surgery. I had several consultations. Then, at the suggestion of a close friend who had a different procedure done with Dr. Caroline Min, I had the privilege of meeting this wonderful doctor. My consultation with Dr. Min put me immediately at ease. Her calm and supportive demeanor almost belies her expertise. She spoke “with” me, not “at” me, about realistic expectations. I walked away from the consultation knowing full well what the procedures entailed, the recovery involved, and the results to be expected. I walked away with a feeling of her total competence coupled with compassion. Dr. Min is special. It is now four months since my surgery. I have physician friends who viewed Dr. Min's “handiwork” and said just how good it looks. More importantly, I know how good I look. I am a different person. For the first time in my life, my arms look “normal”. My bank account suffers because of all the sleeveless clothing I have bought to show off my new arms. I know that I will look even better as those amazingly straight pencil lines of scars diminish with time. I don't think she can truly appreciate how she has changed my life. I am deeply grateful.
CS - Arm lift
It's been a little over six months now since my breast lift/augmentation. I'm happy to report that I'm very pleased and satisfied with the results so far. I love the way they feel and everyone tells me my breasts look so real. My breasts now have a natural drop and move according to any body movement I make but the great thing is they don't look saggy. They look full and pretty much awesome if I do say so myself. I want to thank you again for the great job you performed.
MS - Breast liftBreast Augmentation
After losing over 40 lbs. due to a stressful personal life, two C-sections and breastfeeding two children, I was left with excessive skin and was in desperate need of a tummy tuck and breast lift, at the age of 36. I had been researching plastic surgeons for the last 5 years. Being a cautious person, I could not find one that made me feel comfortable and confident with their work and my outcome. After three different consultations, I gave up hope. Then, I met Dr. Caroline Min. Not only did I feel an immediate level of comfort but her expertise as a surgeon was very impressive. Her general surgery background combined with her experience as a plastic surgeon was exactly what I was looking for. The concern that she showed while educating me on precisely what needed to be accomplished to get satisfactory results put me at ease. She gave me special attention and really took her time with me. Dr. Min was always there to personally answer any questions that I had prior, during and after my surgery. I could not have imagined that my body would have looked this great. She took her time in determining the best way to perform the surgeries to minimize scarring and her delicate hands left me with minimal scars. I have a flat stomach from the tummy tuck and a lollipop lift with fading scars and small saline implants, which was the only way to go to achieve successful results for my breasts. She is truly an artist of the human body, I call her my angel. Looking at my body prior to surgery brought me to tears of sadness, but now I look like I never even had any surgery, so natural looking....an awesome body!!! Thank you Dr. Min, you gave me a NEW BODY for life!!!!! You are amazing at what you do and the world is lucky to have you!
RS - AbdominoplastyBreast liftAugmentation
Dr. Min, You have given to me a new concept for living. I have never felt so good about myself since I have come in contact with you. I have so much more confidence about things - that is what you have done for me. Thank you for being such a loving and caring doctor. I will never forget how compassionate you are with your patients. With a heart full of sincere appreciation,
EA - Breast reconstructionAbdominoplasty